The Way Your Heart Was Made

from by Sins



Why can’t you let pain go, when it’s not your own?
You’ve come to expect every heartbreak

When was the last time you just shut it all out?
Feel the quiet and breathe, it gets so loud

Every scrape in this world shouldn’t make you bleed
And all the weight that you hold isn’t love you need

But your heart can’t escape from the way it was made
And you lift every cross as it falls in your way
But what I need to know is how long this can go
Because I feel my hands trembling and loosening

Not a soul turned away, and the look on your face
You can’t be the savior forever
When was the last time you just let yourself need?
Let the world come to you, it gets too loud

All they throw you are promises
But they never mean it and you keep believing
When was the last time you were given a thing?
Or felt all you’re worth?
It gets too loud


from Divider, released May 28, 2015



all rights reserved


Sins Austin, Texas

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