Sink Away

by Sins

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released December 19, 2012

Music & Lyrics: Joseph Milligan
Instruments & Vocals: Joseph Milligan
Gang Vocals: Ryan Toole, Christian McAlhaney, Deon Rexroat, Nathan Young, Kyle Flynn, Charlie Izzo
Add. vocals on "I Speak Slow" by Stephen Christian
Produced & Recorded for far too long by Joseph Milligan



all rights reserved


Sins Austin, Texas

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Track Name: Keep Quiet
No tread marks in front of the body
No remorse, regret, or pity
Keep it down, stop crying
Shake it out, keep moving
And keep quiet
Run away, secret, safe
Don't make a sound, just stay awake
Keep quiet
Track Name: Here & Gone
Out of the gate now here we go
You've got to be yourself but play a role
I don't know how I thought it'd be
Your dreams aren't what you thought you'd see
I count it down, sing it out, want it all
This is something you should be part of
Every place I go has a missing piece
I'm here and gone
Let it go and sink away
Fading light turns color into gray
I don't know where I thought I'd be
There's no point to plan so just wait and see
This is something you should be proud of
Every place we go makes a memory
Track Name: Please, Take Me Home
It's been a long night, I'll deaden the feeling
Of an old life, my eyes to the ceiling
You don't know where I've been sleeping
Or the company that I've been keeping
I don't need much to make a mess of things
Who's going to take me home?
It's been a long night, I'm caving my head in
Lungs on fire, constantly shaking
But I don't know how I've been sleeping
With the company that I've been keeping
Stay down
You're never leaving here
Track Name: Lights Out
We've got your sins, got your lies, got your skeletons
We are the people and places you call your home
Liars, cheats, beggars, thieves
The ones that you would spit on are the ones guarding your sleep
So cut the film, cut the tape, cut your ties and come on
Lights out
We've got no future, we've got no home
I'm feeling like a shotgun ready to blow
We know your secrets, your crosses, your medicines
We are the nameless, the faceless walking your street
Track Name: Cut The Rafters
We cut the rafters, we cracked the foundation
We laid our lines out, to cut them clean
No looking back, no checking out
You can't watch us all the time
We were the first and last to watch it all burn down
We held our breath, we felt the shock, we heard the sound
We crossed our names out to leave no trace
No leaving us, no getting out
Track Name: It's Not Now
We spend so much time screaming about "no time"
Throwing it all away
Thrown away
We've created the perfect distraction
Seconds away, miles apart
There's a time, and a place for us
But it's not here and now, keep waiting
There's a home, and a space for us
Everything you wanted, keep waiting
That's one more nightmare, one more aimless fight
There will be a time, and a place for us
There will be a home, and a space for us
Track Name: Bloodline
I can feel you in my blood
Rushing through my veins, we are one in the same
I can hear you in my voice
Screaming out of my chest, we are one in the same
No one can change when you wake up
No one can say what life is going to give
You're going to see for yourself
Time moves on and on and on
Erasing, it keeps changing
But no one can change where you come from
I can feel you moving
No one can say where you'll end up
No one can say how this is going to end
You're going to see for yourself
Life moves on and on and on
Track Name: Me & Jack
We wandered out most every night
Beating hearts and eager eyes
We got lost
But we are not who we were then
When we thought poison was a friend
And got lost
We made our mark but it left a scar on me
Trading nights for sleep most times
We found redemption for these crimes
We're still lost
Time moves on in spite of us
We've seen ourselves amongst the dust
We're still lost
We made our mark but it left a scar on me
It's a long road, shoes worn down by stone
Carry the ones you love on your back
And it's a long way, we'll walk just the same
We'll leave our mark and I'll keep a scar on me
I'm trading nights for sleep most times
Eyes wide open all the time
I'm still lost
But I don't need you anymore
Track Name: I Speak Slow
Shut the door, paint the window
Get the light, keep your eyes closed
Whatever it is, it's never enough
To keep you calm, to make you listen
Take a breath, bring your voice down
Clear your head, stand up straight now
Wherever we are, it's never enough
To make you calm, will you please listen?
One false step just leads to another
Pitting ourselves against each other
Can we all move on from here?
One false move and I'm put in my place
Yet another night laid to waste
Can we all move on from here?
One short breath to break through the silence
Hold out our hands and leave this behind us
We'll all move on from here
Missing the point is worse than failing
There's so much to see while we're still waiting
We'll all move on from here
You are the reason I speak slow
The one thing that I cannot let go
Come on, don't let me get away
Track Name: No, This Is Not A Dream
Seasons change and so do we
It never meant too much to be before you
Every detail, every second, I want to know it all
All about you
Well here comes daylight
There's no end in sight
I just want to hear you now, I just want to know
You're not far away
Every mile on my way is painted with a note I read from you
You deserve the best from me and that's all you'll get because I can't be without you
You're leaving your home and travel every place you can think
This is not a dream
In a dream I could wake up and you would be next to me
This is not a dream